How to Quickly Gain Massive Followers on Instagram

While it doesn’t give you the linking opportunities that so many affiliate marketers are completely obsessed with, Instagram is the easiest and most fun-to-use social media network out there. It’s also a tremendous tool in developing your website’s brand and building recognition.

Because of it’s popularity, Instagram is a tool so many newbie affiliate marketers wish they can dominate. The issue with Instagram is that it can be very difficult to build a following. Luckily, I am going to reveal an awesome strategy that can help you boost your followings extremely quickly.

How it Works

This strategy actually works off another strategy a lot of marketers use to build their following. The idea is to follow the followers of top influencers in your niche. So, if we wanted to build our followers in a online marketing niche, we would follow the followers of an online marketer that has a huge following. Well this strategy actually works backwards. What we will end up doing is instead of following these people’s followers, we will actually follow them. Let me outline the strategy in detail.

Step #1: Search for A Top Influencer

build instagram followers - tai lopez

The person we will be using in this strategy is Tai Lopez. First we need to search for Tai Lopez and go to his account. He will be the first influencer we follow. After we follow Tai we will need to go to the list of people that he follows. Yes, you read that right. Go to the people that he follows, not his followers. This list of people is basically a gold mine.

Step #2: Follow the Followed

build my instagram for affiliate marketing

We will now follow all of these top influencers. The more you follow the more people will follow you. Careful not to follow too many accounts because Instagram might mark you as spamming. After you do this you will start to see a whole bunch of people follow you. It gets better though. There is one more step.

Step #3: Like Some Pics

After you follow the accounts, you will need to go back and like their 5 – 10 most recent photos. Another strategy is to follow the accounts that like the photos of top influencers. So, again we will work backyards from this strategy. If we like the photos then more Instagram accounts will follow us. Once again, be careful not to like to many pictures because Instagram may see you as spamming.

Step #4: Rinse and Repeat

The last step is to go back and unfollow the accounts you followed, then follow them back. The reason for this is that it will put us back on the top of the list of their followers and more accounts will follow us. Also, make sure to continue to go back and like their most recent photos. I will repeat this one last time and say make sure you don’t do over-do this. I recommend doing this twice a day.
So there you have it. I do have to let you know that these followers will not be true leads. This is just a way to build your following so that you seem like a top account. In order to start building a true following you should definitely download my free guide here.

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