How to Get Massive Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is the number one most used social media network. To many it’s a place to connect with friends and family members, as well as catch up on some recent events. To others, business owners and marketers, it’s a perfect way to connect with customers and grow your business. The problem is that it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to grow their Facebook presence. It is becoming more and more of a pay to play type of network. Luckily, I have 4 great strategies for you to use to get likes on your Facebook Page.

1 – Run a Giveaway or Contest

It’s harder to run a giveaway or contest than you might think. Sure, you can give away a great prize and gain a large number of followers, but we want to make sure that we are gaining the RIGHT followers. You shouldn’t just start a giveaway that offers an iPad when you’re a travel agency. Sure, you could capture some true leads, but chances are most people are just signing up for the prize and will never pay attention to any content you share. We need to offer prizes that relate to our niche. For example, if you run a restaurant you should think about giving away a “Lunch for a Month” prize. Now you might be thinking that this is too much, but trust me it’s not. This leads me into another giveaway tip.

Go Big or Go Home

You’re give away should be huge. No one is going to get excited about a breakfast giveaway. This is not going to motivate them to share with friends or comment. They may even see it as not worth their time to even sign up. When you host a Big giveaway, people will want to be involved. Encourage sharing (note that Facebook will not allow you to require people to share a post to win) and ask them to like and comment as well. The more people start engaging and talking about your giveaway, the more customers you will start seeing.

Your giveaway should follow these few guidelines:
• Prize should relate to your business
• Offer a valuable prize. Make it big or don’t make it at all
• Encourage people to be social, share, and interact. Just don’t require it.

Utilize Giveaway Websites

We need to make sure we are handling our entries properly. There are a number of websites that actually are dedicated to helping you run a Facebook giveaway. Here are a few websites you can use to run your contest or giveaway:

Promote Your Giveaway

There are several ways to promote your giveaway. The biggest one is posting on You should also run Facebook ads to promote your giveaway. We want to make sure that the giveaway gets in front of as many eyes as possible, but make sure they are a related and targeted audience. You should also check out this post on Social Media Examiner. They give some great tips for running a successful Facebook giveaway.

2 – Post and Share Engaging Content

There are tons of businesses who have generated large amounts of “likes” on Facebook simply by offering great products and content. Just ask yourself before you post anything, Is this something that I would want to like and share with my friends? Offer people something they would get excited about and the “Likes” will follow. Give them a reason to actually LIKE you. It’s better to not post garbage, than to post anything at all. A good trick to use for coming up with ideas on what to post is to see what other business are posting. Do searches on Facebook for topics related to your business and see what is showing up The posts with lots of engagement are the ones you should be modeling.

3 – Use Existing Channels

One of the best ways to generate likes is to utilize your other channels to promote your Facebook page. Make sure that you connect your website and blog with your Facebook page. Let people know you’re on Facebook. For example, if you’re running a Restaurant, it’s a great idea to place a call to action on your table or even in the washroom above the urinal saying “Like us on Facebook.” Businesses tend to be surprised by how easy it is to convert people to go from a real life customer to an online supporter.

4 – Facebook Ads

Optimizing Facebook Ads with Clear Call to Actions and Specific Targetting is key. Facebook Advertising provides you with a great opportunity to connect with audiences of all walks of life. When creating Facebook Ads however, it’s important to make sure that you’re targeting the right audience. There is no need to spend money reaching people that won’t care about your page. Take the time to discover your true audience. Use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to help your create the perfect audience. Unfortunately, like I said in the beginning of this post, Facebook is becoming a pay to play network. We need to spend money to make money.

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