How to Get FREE Targeted Traffic from Quora

Free Traffic From QuoraWe all know that Traffic is King. Without traffic a business is as good as dead. That’s why so many businesses invest all of their time and or money in building traffic. If you are looking to save your money but invest your time into building free traffic, then Quora is a great website for you. Let me show you how you can get Free Targeted traffic to your website from Quora.

First, What is Quora?

Quora is an amazing Question and Answer website. Millions of people visit Quora to ask questions and get them answered. It has an Alexa Global ranking of 115 and a US ranking of 58. That’s a big deal. So, the big question is how can marketers and website owners tap into this huge audience? Let me show you!

Quora Global Ranking

Getting Started With Quora

In order to set yourself up for success you need to create a proper profile. Visit and create your account. To begin, you will need to let Quora know what interests and topics you are experienced in. Only choose topics and interests you can answer questions for because Quora will suggest questions for you to answer based on the topics and interests you choose. Next, you will need to add an awesome image as your profile picture and give a detailed description of yourself. This is where you want to share with everyone your background in whatever topic you will be giving answers too. We want to let people know why they should trust the answers we give. Lastly, make sure you drop a link back to your website at the end of your description. Now that you’ve setup your account, let’s drive traffic to our website.

Setup a Quora Profile

Get Awesome Free Traffic from Quora

There is a lot of things that factor into gaining massive traffic from Quora. I have outlined the main steps you should take in order to see awesome traffic results from

Finding Questions to Answer

There are two ways you can find questions to answer. You can either search for questions, or, answer questions that quora suggests to you.

My favorite is searching for questions. Quora has a search bar at the top of their website so that you can find your topic. For example, If I wanted to find questions about Affiliate Marketing I would just enter in the phrase “Affiliate Markeing”. I would then choose the search option at the bottom of the results. This will bring up a list of questions I could potentially answer.

Finding Questions to Answer on Quora

The other option for finding questions is to just answer questions Quora has suggested to you. You can do this by clicking on the “Answer” button at the top of the page. This strategy only works if you properly setup your profile. That is why it is extremely important the you only choose topics and interests that you want to answer questions for.

Now that we have found our questions, we can go ahead and move on to answering them.

Always Be Detailed With Your Answers

There are a lot of factors that decide your answer rankings. Giving long and detailed answers is probably the number one factor. It is important that you don’t just give a quick response and throw in your link. This will always come across as spammy and will never do well on Quora. You want people to trust that you’re giving them knowledgable answers.

The best strategy is to give useful information first and don’t even think about linking until the very end. We want readers to see that we know what we’re talking about. It is important that we show others that we are thought leaders in our niche. No one will take the time to read answers from people that just post links to their websites. They want to read answers from people that actually take the time to share their thoughts, give valuable information, and overall show that they truly want to give great answers. Once people start to see that you really know what you’re talking about, they will start following you, read more of your answers, and in the end click through to all of your links

Answer A Lot of Questions

Make sure to answer as many questions as possible. This will ensure that your answers are seen by as many people as possible. I recommend you try to set a goal to answer at least 3 to 5 questions a day. The more questions you answer the more people will start to see you as a topic influencer. Again, the goal is not to give quick answers and drop links. We want to answer as many questions as possible, but still give great information.

How to Structure Your Answers

Each answer will have different information, but should be organized almost the same way. I have created a basic outline you should use to create your answers. Now all answers will have every single one of these points, but try your best.

Always add Images

Us humans are very visual. Remember, we are answering questions and we want to help people as much as possible. Images are always a great way to visually demonstrate your answer. It’s a lot easier for people to see how to do something rather than read it. Answers with images will always be a lot more helpful, and therefore will see a lot more engagement and upvotes.

Link To Sources (Not Just Yours)

So many people find true value in answers from people that link to sources that are not just theirs. This shows that the answers are truly in the best interest for the person asking the question. We are only human and don’t know everything. Give people as much information as possible even if that means you send them to websites that aren’t yours.

Give Extra Effort

At the end of each post, make sure you give a subtle link back to your website. Just make sure that you are giving them a link to something that will give them even more insight on the topic. We want to continue showing them that we just want to help. If you do not have posts or resources that can better answer their questions then make sure you don’t send them to something that does not relate.

Useful Tips

This article would not be helpful if I didn’t share some time saving tips with you. Below are some helpful strategies you can use to cut down your time spent on Quora.

Save Your Answers

After a while, you will start to notice that most of the questions asked in your niche will be very similar to each another. It will save you so much time if you just save every answer you create. By doing this, you can go back and paste your answer to similar questions. Obviously, you will need to change the wording a bit so that you don’t seem spammy.

Become a Thought Leader

When you first start using Quora it is extremely important that you don’t fall into the habbit of doing too much. You want to establish yourself as a thought leader in a specific niche. What this means is you should only answer questions that relate to your business. Don’t start answering questions about weight loss when your main business has to do with social media marketing. This comes off as you trying too much and people will start to doubt your answers. Stay focused on your chosen niche, and more people will start to take notice of your answers.

Make sure you stick to the niche you have chosen. Make it a goal of yours to start answering questions each day in your target niche. This strategy does take time, but you will see some amazing results in the end.

Things to Avoid

As with everything, there are a few things you should avoid doing while using quora. Here is a list of my top don’ts on quora.

Don’t Be Spammy

I know I mentioned this before, but I want to say it again. Don’t just write quick answers and drop links to your website. This will only give you negative results.

Don’t Pay for Upvotes

You may run into some tutorials teaching you to pay for upvotes so that your answers rank higher. This is a huge no no. If Quora finds out you are doing this they will block your account and all of your progress will be lost.

Don’t Give Incorrect Answers

Only give answers to questions you are confident you know the answers to. You never want to give incorrect information to anyone. Just stick to what you know.

Start Implementing

Now it is time to start generating loads of traffic to your website. Make sure to follow these steps and always give the best answers as possible. I truly believe that Quora is a great place to find targeted traffic.

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